Site Sight Exhibition Artworks

Site Sight Exhibition Artworks

For these young artists, the Philippines is the only place they have ever called home. They are perhaps luckier than they think. Home is a place of safety, comfort and rest. But in it one may also experience anxiety and loneliness, displacement and discomfort. The Philippines is blessed with an environment brimming with life and human diversity, and as with any environment inhabited by people, it is threatened by daily deterioration failing action taken to ward off its decay.


The artists react to this condition, responding to the expanse of their surroundings to impart glimpses of their vision with works shaped subliminally by personal experience, and a distinct perception of reality. Home is anywhere you are, which is your reality. Each of these works offers a small individual voice, a different perspective to understanding the environment we may live in: the
Philippines as an imperfect place, nonetheless a place of reality where one may live and work, or simply stay placidly with a sense of creativity among a caring humanity.

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