Jass Group

For many years, the Swiss Community of Manila has been playing 6 official Jass tournaments (the best 4 of those 6 count for the annual championship) in Makati as well as out of town; exact location depends on the sponsor of each tournament.

Apart from a single winner of each tournament an overall yearly winner is crowned among the Swiss group. A few German players are frequently joining the Swiss Jass tournaments and some even prefer to play Jass on Wednesdays.

The Swiss Club also offers Jass lessons for those who like to learn the game or practice strategy in order to reach tournament play level. Special instruction and training evenings are held for that purpose.

For further details interested players may contact  Nick Fischer and /or Juerg Ritter, the Jass-Obmann and author of  “Jass for Beginners”.

This strong bonding between the Jass and the Skat groups and the friendly fellowship we like to preserve also in the future with joint activities. By playing Jass, Skat, Doppelkopf, Cego, we also keep SWISS-GERMAN long time traditions alive, and we encourage and invite everybody, and especially also the younger generation, to learn and enjoy these favorite card games. We would be very happy to see more younger players.

A regular Skat and Jass evening is held at the German Club on Wednesdays.

The most  important thing both for our unified  Manila JASS-SKAT  group as well as for our ASIAN MASTERS Skat group throughout Asia is to enjoy a nice fellowship and  spend some quality time with friends by playing cards.

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Makati, Manila, Philippines
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