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In the very past there had been regular Skat groups in the German Club before. Up to today, still plenty of anecdotes and stories have been told about those past Skat rounds and its participants until today.

These activities, at least in the German Club, however where dormant, at least up to the years 2008 and 2009.

german_club_manila_skat_2On 5th September 2009 we organized the first INTERNATIONAL MANILA SKAT tournament, held at the German Club.  Apart from players from and around Metro Manila, we had also visiting players from several cities in China, from Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Ever since, we have been organizing such an international Skat Tournament at the German Club on a yearly basis since 2010.

Last year the record  attendance from 2013 had been topped and in 2014 we were 52 players from all over Asia and even some from Germany playing Skat at the German Club.

Since September 2009 we have regular Skat rounds at the German Club. Depending on the number of participants and the skill level of the participants we play different rules. One possibility is a normal ‘Preisskat’ rule, another one is only BOCK and RAMSCH, while another possible version is called “SHANGHAI 1938”.

Apart from the weekly (every Wednesday’s) activities in Manila we established an Asian wide Skat circle with Skat groups from Shanghai, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hongkong  joining and organized Skat tournaments at each of those a.m. locations.

The last years we organized and played an ASIAN MASTERS SKAT  TOURNAMENT with totally nearly 100 players  from all over Asia and even some from Germany and from the USA.  Apart from a single competition we also have a team competition.

german_club_manila_skat_4From total six tournaments the best three are counting in the same way as last year also this year.

Due to perfect arrangements carried out by the GERMAN CLUB staff and management in the last years, our Asian Skat group chose to have the final tournament no longer in Hongkong but starting from last year in Manila.

Therefore and as both players and  teams from several different locations will be competing not only for the Manila trophy but also for the overall team and singles title, we expect that in 2014 the group of participants will again increase to achieve another record attendance.

Thanks to our sponsor Christian Reincke, we play twice a year for another trophy at the German Club, which is called HAND GOTTES POKAL.  The next one will be played this year in March/April – exact date to be announced.

german_club_manila_skat_1Due to his sometimes amazing card playing skills, including some David Copperfield like expositions and as the Winner of the 2011 Taipei Skat title and as the first winner of his own tournament, Christian is also known as the “HAND GOTTES”.

Since 2012 this tournament has been held twice a year at the German Club and among German card players we usually also have some of our Swiss friends joining in.

The quite spectacular trophy sponsored by Christian can be seen in the Veranda.

On very few occasions we played also other traditional  card games, such as DOPPELKOPF and CEGO (a card game known in the area around the Black Forrest and the South Western part of Germany).

Quite a strong friendship between our Swiss card group, who enjoy playing JASS (the national Swiss card game) also every Wednesday, and our Skat players has been developed over the last couple of years.

Almost every Wednesday there is at least one table reserved for Jass at the German Club.

The Wednesday at the German Club had been a card event for the Swiss for a long time, before they allowed us a couple of years ago to join with our Skat Group with the result that some Swiss players join our skat group and some German players join the jass group.

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