Football Team – German Club Eagles

Having practiced only four weeks prior to tournaments three guys (Chris Zimmer – left Manila for
Bangkok in 2007, then Seoul / Korea and now in Helsinki / Finland for Lufthansa, Thorsten Sierski – went
into early retirement in 2019 and is now in Hamburg and Michael Scheile – still in the Philippines with
Railway & Industrial Applications Corp.) decided beginning of 2005 to start a team playing regularly at
the Nomad Sports Club (now Club United) in Merville / Paranaque. Inititially, players had to be called up
to confirm that at least six football enthusiasts show up. We played every Tuesday (now every Monday
except during GCQ/ECQ).

Nowadays, there are 49 players on the list. However, this includes former players who have been
transferred to other countries but like to keep in touch with the team. The intention to play and thurst
for a beer (or two) after the practice make us a social team with great camaraderie. Usually around 15 –
25 people show up for about 1- 1 1/2 hours playing.

In 2015 we started the “Vets on Tour” – Team which consists of former GC Eagles players but are now
living / working in Germany or other countries. Every year in September, they meet somewhere in
Germany, joined sometimes with GC Eagles players from Manila. Previous places were Bad Neuenahr,
Berlin, Magdeburg, Wiesbaden and this year Regensburg where the host, our “Capitano” Torsten
Misselwitz organizes a match and several social activities. It’s great fun!

Before, we usually played four tournaments (at Nomads) and some friendly matches a year:
International Veteran's 7-a-side (in February), the Easter Tournament of the German All Stars Bangkok
(April), the Manila Mini World Cup (the only tournament without age restrictions in November) and the
Jim Howard Cup (part of the International 7-A-Side, also in November). In November 2016 we joined the
tournament in Saigon with a Junior and Senior Team. – Friendly matches were arranged with the Blue
Guards, German School Teachers' Team, Bilibid Medium Security Prison, visiting teams from Germany as
well as various farewell and birthday matches (e.g. for our “most experienced ” player Rolf Schrőder).

When Club United took over, the whole area was renovated and upgraded. Two years we played at the
British School Manila, BGC on artificial lawn before returning to Merville in 2018. However, since start of
the lock-down mid if March 2020 we can’t play. Tummys are growing and we are all hoping to start our
Monday sessions soon again in the near future.

In 2018 we decided to organize our own tournament:The “GC Oktoberfest Tournament” with initially 5
teams: Grasshoppers and Port Rangers, both from Kuala Lumpur, ADB, Nomads and GC Eagles, all from
Manila. In 2019 we were joined by German All Stars Bangkok and the Dubai Pirates. 2020 the Singapore
German All Stars and a team from Brisbane / Australia were supposed to join but we had to cancel the
tournament (as well as the Oktoberfest) due to Covit-19 pandemic. We do hope to see these teams in
2021 again. It goes without saying that the German Club Oktoberfest at Solaire was the venue for some
beers, food, music and lots of fun!

If interested and for more information, contact the German Club hotline.

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