Greetings to all!

Since the early days of the Club, the German Club Welfare Committee has always been there to help those who are need.

In the recent years, the Committee has funded several  charitable projects. Currently these include:

Springboard Foundation (Siena School, Taytay Rizal)

We have now progress reports from all our supported students namely: Direct schooling support of 3 Senior High School Students and 10 College Students.


Margarethe Home for the Blind

We also provide monthly allowances to Margarethe Home for the Blind, a community to support of blind girls and young women from poor families or who have been orphaned. 


Samar Feeding Program

We also provide yearly donations to Mabuhay-St. Francis of Assisi Primary Health Care Center in northern Samar, runs a Feeding Program to support malnourished preschool children from age one to five. At the moment approximately 70 children are receiving support and medical treatment.

Tobias Rast and I visited the center and witnessed the activities of the feeding program. It is truly moving how the Sister Veronica and Sabine support this poor region of the country.

These projects would have not been possible without the help of our members. We thank you all for your continued valued support!


Philipp Schlohsnagel

Welfare Director

Phone:+63 2 8 817 3552
Fax: +63 2 8 892 8949
Makati, Manila, Philippines
118 V.A. Rufino Street Legaspi Village