Message of the German Club’s Director of the Welfare Committee

Dear friends and members of the German Club Manila

Ever since its founding in 1905, the members of the German Club Manila have felt a strong commitment towards the Philippines and its people. For over a century the German Club Manila has helped the poor, supported the underprivileged and stood by our Filipino compatriots in the time of persecution and war. This traditional sense of friendship and social responsibility is being upheld and further intensified to this date.

The German Club Welfare Committee (WELCOM) has funded countless charitable projects. Currently these include:

The National Children’s hospital. We regularly visit Manila’s largest pediatric hospital and extend financial support to buy medicine, treat and help save the lives of critically sick children from all corners of the archipelago. We also support the German Sisters of Assisi in Samar, who feed and medically treat nearly five hundred children per year in one of the country’s most impoverished areas. WELCOM has recently embarked on the development of a school project in Payatas which will give a chance to the children of the poorest to receive a proper education. We support abused and blind girls at Margarethe Blindenheim in Manila and send gifted but financially deprived children to High School.

In all our endeavors we are carried by the moral and financial support of our valued members. The German Club Welfare Committee epitomizes our inherent compassion for the impoverished and despaired, it symbolizes a manifestation of The German Club’s historic friendship with our Filipino hosts.

However, in spite of the support WELCOM is receiving from the club and its members as well as donations from outside, we still invite and need more funding for our social projects to sustain and possibly increase our efforts helping the poorest in our host country.

Thank you for your continued valued support, Maraming salamat and vielen Herzlichen Dank!


Friedhelm Menzel

Welfare Director

Phone: +63 2 817 3552
Fax: +63 2 892 8949
Makati, Manila, Philippines
118 V.A. Rufino Street Legaspi Village